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For anyone who likes to vote for things or likes poles or stats or whatever... Go votes here at the CBBC Newsround charts. Vote for ASOUE in the film and video game categories and you can suggest it for the Fav Thing category. And be sure to go vote for Liam in the celebrity charts or else he will be voted off the poles tomorrow! That'd be a bit sad... I'd assume that about everyone who loves Klaus at least likes him. I loves him myself. So go vote.
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The Hand Of Doom...

A fanart

I did a fanart of Klaus, if anyone is interested in seeing such a thing. It's not the best thing in the world, but I thought he looked cute... and I like his hair. Klaus I'll do some better drawings of him later on. I haven't drawn him too much, yet. ~__~
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Yay, a Klaus community! I just joined, but have been an ASOUE fan ever since the first few books came out ^__^ Klaus, is one of my favourite characters, and Liam Aiken is most definately one of my favourite...erm...people. Yeah xD

Nice to meet you all.
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