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klausfans's Journal

The Official Community for Klaus Baudelaire Fans
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All Members , Moderated
Hello. This is the community for fans of Klaus Baudelaire, the Researcher of the Baudelaire Orphans.

If you are a fan of Klaus...join. :)

Please don't argue or insult other members; it's bad form, and they're also fond of Klaus. Common Sense. If someone posts graphics, please credit them, as I'm sure they'd appreciate it.:)

NOTE: the below colorbars (except for the first one) were made by the ever lovely alittlebitolder. The first one was made by me. Aren't we ASoUE fans so creative? :)

Thank you.
Enjoy your time here!
(I'm your mod, by the way)

A Series of Unfortunate Events is Depressing, GoAway!Love.

The ASOUE books are love.

The ASOUE movie is hopefully love.

The Baudelaire children (but not Count Olaf) are love.